Ángel Macho


I’ve always pursued the comprehensive communication employed by professionals and their commitment with the client. Today, even more so.

Nacho G. Pandavenes

Chief editor of Infodefensa

As a child I loved the stories of journalists and archaeologists. I’ve been both, but in the end I chose journalism, to focus on today’s adventures instead of yesterday’s. Now I learn about Defense.

Ginés Soriano

Editor of Infodefensa World

First of all: inform. Shining some light amid the current avalanche of news is what motivates me. Information is key to comprehending such an influential sector. We’re on it.

Benjamín Carrasco

Editor of Infodefensa Spain

I work in what I like, which is not a small thing. Today, more tan ever, the best-quality news is not always the fastest one, as García Márquez would say. I’m already half Madrilenian, but I’m still check out the weather in Murcia.

Marta Blanco

Editor of infoespacial e infodron

I landed in the world of aerospace by chance and ended up getting hooked, I experimented on unmanned flights and fell into their nets. Science and spreading it is what motivates me to continue working in this field.

Killa Y. Cornejo

Infodefensa TV

I collect everything I see through the eye of my faithful companion, the camera, which accompanies me wherever I go in order to be able to show viewers unpublished images of the world of Defence.

Eva Robas

Events manager

I love feeling the adrenaline rush of getting what you want, without leaving anything to chance, leaving all tied up. Every event is unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable. It’s not only my job, is my passion.

Lorena Iglesias

Communication and Events

I’ve never liked routines; less so at work. In the fields of communication and events, no two days are the same.

Carlos Delgado

Strategic development

From the world of engineering and industry to the world of communication and advice, but always in favour of Defence Culture.

Macarena Fdez. de Grado

Commercial director

After 20 years working with the defense and security sector, I still maintain that eagerness and excitement I had when I started.

Gemma Abad

Account executive

Almost two decades at the service of the customer, being jovial and chameleonic. The most important thing is the feeling of having done a professional job and leaving customers satisfied.