SPAIN Defence & Security is the publication of reference in the Spanish defense industry and the most widely-used by embassies, defense attaché agencies, analysts, consultants and media.

The catalogue highlights the capabilities of the technological and industrial base of the Spanish defense sector and it includes opinion pieces penned by the sector’s leaders. Every year, it renews content and collaborations, analyzing different aspects of this industry and its most outstanding international successes. 

The publication also has complete informative tables with Spain’s product supply grouped by market segments.

With the support of the Spanish Ministry of Defense and with Spanish and English editions, both in digital and print formats, it has an extensive personalized international distribution, as well as being present in the Spanish pavilions at the main international fairs.

The one considered as the directory of the Spanish industry, consulted by everyone within the country’s defense and security sector, will launch its eighth edition in February 2021.

2020’s edition

2021’s edition