Infodefensa is a digital newspaper with news about Defense and Security, the most influential one in the Spanish-speaking world. We are differentiated by a team of professional journalists who are spread all over the world, with a team in Madrid and 12 correspondents in America that allow us to be close to the News.

This proximity allows us to have three independent editions: Spain, America and Chile, as well as others for specific regions for each country. The information is completed with opinion articles, documents, contracts, videos, photo galleries and our special editions on the biggest events in the sector, realized on the spot and then condensed in those editions

Infodefensa grows and expands its news coverage with a TV channel. Along with the professionalism that characterizes Infodefensa, the channel has a ‘Weekly Update’, which reviews the most relevant news from the world of Defense and Security published throughout the week, and also makes a ‘Minute news’, a format to catch up on current events in the sector in just one minute. Through this channel, the coverage of the main fairs on Defense and Security is carried out, as well as numerous interviews with industry personalities.

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