IDS Connect is the new audiovisual communication channel of IDS. It was created with the aim of providing a new form of communicating based on new online technologies that provide the exchange of knowledge not in person.

With three different formats, webinar, podcast and videocast, IDS Connect gathers the experience acquired by IDS in its more than fifteen years of editorial experience and in the organization of professional events.

Once again, the aim is to offer quality content with added value to the Defence and Security sector in its industry, technology and market aspects.

Our webinars are already a reality, with fortnightly frequency, and soon we will be incorporating new formats that will allow our readers to have information 24/7 in any place and in any support or terminal.


The future of underwater vehicles in the Spanish Navy
VCR 8×8 Dragon weapons systems
Navy’s RPAS
Army’s new organization and the Force 35 project
The time of cyber defense
Future Combat Air System, FCAS
Export control
Foreign investment in strategic sectors
Hisdesat: Satellites
Submarine S-80 Plus
Spanish Armed Forces and COVID-19
Spanish Defence industry and COVID-19

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