The IDS Events team not only organizes our events, but also puts all its know-how to advise, design and execute events for other companies. We collaborate with corporations and organizations to make their vision a reality.

Army Museum Foundation

Since the first edition in 2018, we have accompanied the Army Museum Foundation in the celebration of the Army-Companies Forum, a unique opportunity for collaboration between industry and the Army. That first edition took place at the headquarters of the Army Museum and included conferences and an exhibition of materials.

The second edition, once again held in the Alcazar de Toledo, consisted of a series of conferences with the maximum representation of companies and universities.

In the 2020 edition, the work was done to be able to hold a hybrid event with a reduced physical presence of speakers and attendees, to comply with anti-covid regulations, with an online broadcast followed by more than 500 people.


For years we have collaborated with the C-IED CoE for the execution of their annual events, such as the InterAgency Workshop or the Technology Workshop.

Ministry of Defence

We collaborated with some of the companies participating in the Industry Day of the Euretex 2018 exercise, which was developed by the Eurocorps in the “San Gregorio” Training Center in Zaragoza. In this way, we serve as a logistical support in the transport and assembly of the material of these companies.

Escribano Mechanical & Engineering

Design and execution of the inaugural event of its facilities in Alcalá de Henares, in which there was also a small sample of its latest developments.

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